Milan is the chosen venue for a conference organized by Earth Observation where over 4,500 delegates and the UK Space Agency will attend.

The Living Planet Symposium is a tri-annual event, focusing on the Earth Observation’s contribution to developing and crafting knowledge for society to understand and new opportunities for all sectors to be involved in future discoveries. This is organized by the European Space Agency (ESA) and, with each conference, a specific country’s agency would provide support. This year, it is Italy’s turn. The UK Space Agency had its handle of the event in 2013 in Edinburgh.

Heading the UK agency is Beth Greenaway, who will present the agency’s vision 2040 during the program. The United Kingdom has been preparing satellites for missions to collect data. Their services have gained an astounding £92 billion for the British economy and continue to grow rapidly. There is already a growing market for space exploration. There are exhibitions featuring the scientists and industry that cover a variety of issues that are quite specific to Earth studies such as the temperature of sea surfaces, among others. The agency has shown that every pound spent on its endeavors has generated four more pounds for those in the space industry and has helped bolster the British economy. This means that the conference is an avenue to discuss the potential that space agencies have in improving the economic condition of their states.

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