There is no doubt in the fact that the universe is vast. While it is physically impossible to unravel all the mysteries of the space, people still sit glued to their screens, waiting for the next big revelation about the dark space.

Astronomy fascinates all. However, finding a reliable web hosting service that would host informational space blogs and websites is a tough job. So, to make it easier for you, check out this list which features the top 10 space and astronomy blogs provided by various web hosting services: – The website provides interactive space videos and games for children of all ages. With easy-to-navigate options and a huge gallery of informational content, this website is a must visit for someone who would like to learn the basics of astronomical concepts. – With an online magazine, which features the latest developments in the astronomical world as its main service, this website features a ton of space articles and news blogs that explore some of the concepts that are trending in the current times. – For those who are interested in following news and events about space, this forum is for you. The website encourages participation from its users through the Carnival of Space feature. The Carnival of Space allows interested people to interact with the audience through their blogs and articles. – Home to the virally popular Bad Astronomy blog, the website has drawn a lot of attention through its thought-provoking and mysterious space stories. For those who do not find the blog through social media, they can find it under the “Health and Science” section of this website. – A website which has been up and running since the 20th century, it is one of the most authentic sources of space news out there. Other than the latest news, the website also features a shop with some creative astronomical gifts for yourself and your loved ones. – Another subscription-based magazine website, you can find tons of free resources for stargazing and astrophotography on this page. Other than that, it gives live information about the night sky and what all constellations and planets might be visible at that particular night. – One of the most creative and original websites in this list, the Heavens Above gives the live location of the ISS (International Space station) on its page. One can find out the exact timing the ISS will be hovering over them and gaze at one of the most amazing man-made structure in outer space. – The official website of the Irish Astronomical Association, this website features some interesting astronomical events as observed from the specialized telescopes and laboratories. – Astro Reality is an award-winning company that is looking to develop Augmented Reality technology to provide a more immersive and educational experience about space and other astronomical concepts. Make sure to check out some of the cool AR products available on their store. – The list would not be complete without the mention of the official NASA website. NASA provides a hub of information to be explored through its blog pages. The site produces some of the most accurate and mind-boggling space images on its website for you to check out.


No matter what your knowledge level is, one should browse through these websites to gather information or stay updated on the latest news about space. With the suggested sites above, you can surely appease that appetite. Stay curious!

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