Dragon Ball Z is a very popular anime from Japan since 1989. Most of the kids and even the adults would probably say that their childhood will not be complete without this dragon ball z merchandise online store. The timeline of the story always has a surprising part and it never bored the audience. Dubbed into local languages and aired worldwide, its air time is always anticipated by the kids.

Jam-packed with exciting stories of adventures, actions, hardships, sacrifices, success and friendship, Dragon Ball Z would be fragmentary without its friendly, energetic, strong-willed, and hard-working protagonist, Goku. He is known to have superpowers that he used to defeat various antagonists in the story. This supernatural ability is innate to Goku since he came from a different planet, with a different race. He is a Saiyan.

How did he reach the Earth? Planets are light years away from one another. What happened to his planet?

Supporting characters named Tien Shinhan, Yamcha, Krillin, Yajirobe, Piccolo, and Gohan were busily training on Earth to strengthen them while Goku is also training in his planet under the supervision of King Kai.

In a time out for food, King Kai told Goku about the evil practices of other Saiyans. Saiyans used to wipe out other races to sell their planets to the others. Tables sadly turned, when Frieza destroys the Planet Vegeta, home of the Saiyans, and endangered their race since only four of them survived the destruction. Disappointed with what he learned, Goku went away and look for Gregory. It is part of his training to hit Gregory on the head using a hammer. With a heavy feeling, he successfully hit Gregory on the head.

Back on Earth, Master Roshi’s sister predicted that the Saiyans will arrive soon.

Goku was sent to Earth during the time when Frieza destroyed the Planet Vegeta. To survive the destruction, he was sent to Earth using a spaceship. Luckily, he was raised well on Earth and it is even luckier that he did not inherit the evil traits of the Saiyans.

Throughout the series, we can see how Goku cope with humans. He is a good friend to them. He spent good days with them doing daily activities like training, joining festivities and competitions, eating, celebrating, and fighting villains who wanted to destroy Earth.

Dragon Ball Z is not just for the entertainment of the kids and anime lovers. If we look at the larger sense, we can see that there are lots of life lessons that we can learn from it. This can serve as an inspiration that no matter where we came from, the important thing is what we can contribute to where we are right now. Remember that Goku is not from Earth, yet he showed his concern for this planet and all the citizens living on it.

If you watch Dragon Ball Z, surely you will love it and maybe you might finish all of the episodes and watch it over again.

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