With the advent of the Internet comes the popularity of affaire bouvier, online marketing and selling. Entrepreneurs, no matter how big or small they are, go online and use all the resources they can to market and sell their products and services.

The products sold online range from food to clothes, and now, even artists have joined the growing community of online marketers and sellers, playing in the field of both local and international art buying and selling.

However, online marketing and selling of art may prove to be more challenging than other products, so if you are an artist hoping to advertise and sell your artwork on the Internet, here are some tips to help you and your artwork thrive.

  1. Know the Difference Between Networking Platforms and Sales Platforms

There is a difference between networking platforms and sales platforms, and it’s important to know exactly what that is because it doing so will get you and your art the help you need. If you are looking for new clients, join an online sales platform.

This specific platform helps an artist garner new clients that will possibly purchase one or more of their masterpieces. A networking platform, on the other hand, helps an artist manage his already existing clients. Social media websites and artist websites are classified under this category.

  1. Be A Member of Various Online Sales Platforms

Now that you know what an online sales platform is, you might want to consider joining more than one. Each online sales platform offers a unique set of features that will help an artist sell his artwork, which is exactly why it’s a good idea to not stick to only one platform and join more to keep your options open and wide.

One online sales platform offers something different from the other, and you never know which one you need the most so just be with them all.

  1. Online Selling is Just An Additional Tool

While online selling is a huge help to artists in marketing and selling their art, do remember that this is just an additional tool. Therefore, it is not the best idea to put all your time and resources on online selling. Maintain your Internet presence, but do not neglect your offline market.

  1. Keep Your Information Updated

If you have accounts on online sales platforms as well as networking platforms, you have to be responsible enough to keep it updated. For example, the photos of your art for sale should be continuously updated because buyers often feel discouraged about buying if they see that the post was uploaded months ago.

You should also make sure that the contact information you put on these platforms is accurate and active. It’s quite annoying and unprofessional when buyers try to contact you only to find that your line isn’t active anymore.

  1. Offer The Same Price Online As You Do Offline

Be consistent. The price your put on your artwork offline should be the same price you put on it online. You are putting a price on the value of your art and hard work, so it should not matter whether the selling is done online or offline.


Marketing and selling artwork online can just be as lucrative as it is offline. As long as you follow the right guidelines, like the five mentioned above, your art business will likely do just fine.

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