When talking about interplanetary travel and space research, one thing you wouldn’t directly associate with it is gaming equipment like best gaming keyboard under 100, but times are changing. Now, game controllers have taken a role in NASA for its high usability, intuitive design, and durability. It might even be used for space exploration.

According to Dr. Jeff Norris, the supervisor for the systems group including the designers and engineers of robots for space exploration, are looking at this ubiquitous gaming device as a solution for technological operations. Their team has been looking for practical ways on how to control a variety of robots in space laboratories, and how gaming equipment was designed to become feasible to the project.

It Started With Game Controllers

They began creating systems that will make their robots easier to operate remotely, while still using the unmodified models of game controllers. Dr. Norris also opens the potential in partnering up with gaming companies and equipment manufacturers to produce devices that can help an astronaut control robots in space. His team is doing the product research that may eventually turn a controller into a staple in an astronaut’s backpack.

In actuality, NASA has been collaborating with different companies and organizations to come up with the best solutions to make space travel and research safer and more efficient. These partnerships can range from aircraft design and architecture, upholstery, and clothing for astronauts, parts manufacturers, and now they’re looking to tie up with the gaming industry.

What Does This Mean For Science and For Us

This can mean not only a further advancement for interplanetary travel but also for the experience in gaming, since NASA has always shared data about space to the public, with the firm believe that exploring space is an experience and a journey for everyone.

With the advent of VR and enhance graphics technology, gamers can be a part of this journey through games that are backed up by actual data.

The experience of reaching distant environments and interactive worlds can be greatly improved with real texturing as captured by NASA, making it a win-win situation for all industries involved. The incorporation of the game controller can also increase the security for our space cadets and researchers, so they won’t have to be exposed to elements that are not entirely predictable.

As Dr. Norris further expounds upon the collaboration, he concludes that collectively, the human race would rather be more than just spectators in this quest. It was evident that during the moon landing, millions of people from around the globe were hooked to their television sets, sharing a victory that they believe is also their own.

Since it was one of the rare moments in history where people had united towards one cause, it can be assumed that innovations like this can pave the way towards another feat for mankind.


If this innovation becomes successful, it can save NASA plenty of resources while acquiring research material and data from outer space, and this can further connect the human race to the rest of the universe.

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