To clear things up, they are not actually growing weed on space; its hemp they are growing. Hemp is the non-psychoactive properties of CBD that doesn’t get you “high” – and it is nearly about to be launched into outer space. You read it right, celebrities use cbd for pain! Among the planets and stars, and aboard an International Space Station, the scientist will attempt zero-gravity hemp cultivation.

Who is behind this idea?

The Kentucky-based Space Tango is the brain behind the hemp’s space launch. Over the past few years, the company has become a leader in research for International Space Stations.

On this project, Space Tango has partnered with two Kentucky-based hemp companies, who are now making preparations to perform experiments on plant biology of hemp in space. The experimental research will be conducted on labs that are no larger than a microwave, and are all housed together in a much larger microgravity environment.

Why grow plants in space?

Kris Kimel, a former NASA engineer, was the founder of Space Tango. It came to existence due to Kimel’s effort to determine whether growing plants’ outer space would be more effective. He hypothetical claimed that zero-gravity would pose a less stressful environment for the plants.

According to their concept, they send plants to International Space Station to eliminate one constant force on which plants are well-adapted. They believed that understanding plants’ reaction in an environment where the traditional stress of gravity is removed, would provide new insights on plant adaptations, traits, characteristics, and biomedical efficacy and applications.

Why hemp?

This is not the first time plants have been cultivated on International Space Stations. Plants such as peas, onions, lettuce, and cucumbers have been growing exceptionally well in space. However, this may leave you wondering – of all plants on Earth, why chose hemp?

The Space Tango purposely chose hemp as their subject for this venture due to their aim of exploring the different aspects and characteristics of the plant.  They will conduct research primarily on the health and biomedical applications of hemp.

According to Kimel, they are making a bet on CBD oil. CBD oil has clearly some significant biomedical and health benefits; it’s just that there is a lack of studies and researches to support such claims. He added that the health benefits of CBD oil are still unclear to the medical industry. That is because researches on hemp have been dormant for almost 60-70 years, so there’s not much information available.

Space Tango is not looking to grow weed on International Space Stations that gets you “high” – they are growing hemp. Space Tango visualizes a future where scientific breakthroughs in plant biology, healthcare, and new technology may well be cultivated off the planet Earth.


Growing plants in space don’t happen all the time, and the fact that its hemp they are growing makes it extra exciting. This may even sound like it’s one of those sci-fi movies, but it will become a reality soon enough.

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