If you want to Grow on TikTok Today and learn more other than the information you discover from content on TikTok, it is a good idea to check out some websites and apps about space. It is always interesting to know more about the vastness of the universe. The sites we are going to share have cool and intriguing facts about space.


This website goes through documents and research made by scientists all over the world every day. They even share studies that did not gain popularity. For instance, Enceladus, which is an icy moon on Saturn, could have a fluid ocean. This was published study, and Astroengine discussed the matter really well though a couple of leading sources did.

Amazing Space

Even though this website is made for students, Amazing Space’s content is an incredible source for people of all ages who want to know about space. For basic info about black holes and gravity, the website got you covered. Moreover, you can also learn about Earth and its formation. This is great for beginners because the details are not in-depth, so they will not be overwhelming.


The site lets you experience and takes a closer look at the Hubble Telescope. It covers the latest updates and images captured. It is also interesting because you can learn about how the telescope works and how it is utilized by scientists to study space. The gallery is worth checking out because of the breathtaking photos. Therefore, this is a website you should not miss visiting.


You can check all the pictures taken from the Chandra X-ray Observatory located at Harvard University. The observatory takes photos of space non-stop thousands of lightyears far. All these photos can be accessed from this site. The quality of the pictures is excellent. This is highly recommended if you want to see beyond the solar system.


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s official site has a lot of news about space. It also has the latest updates about missions. Nevertheless, if you are not a fan of reading, you can go through the site’s gallery. This section is filled with photos and videos showing the solar system and clusters of stars in the universe. You will be more entertained because the site lets you check out space in 3D. The resources of this site will surely blow you away.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

If you want to see what is recently going on in space, NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day will give you just that. The website uploads a photo of space every day. You can also see under the photo information about the image uploaded to better understand.

Solar System Live

Are you interested in the solar system or only the planets? Solar System Live is something worth checking out. You can see where everything is located by entering time and date. You can also choose the location you want to observe, follow an asteroid, or see the path of comets. Furthermore, it gives a lot of information about the solar system and the changes it has gone through.

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