One sneaky free phone lookup tool that anyone can have access to is the ability to find someone’s name by their phone number. Many people believe that they can hide their identity behind a phone number, but there are ways to discover who is behind a number.

It could be that the same number is calling you over and over again, but there is no name associated with the number or it simply says “private caller.” Most phone companies have a set up mechanism whereby you can deny a caller from reaching you unless they reveal (at the very least), their phone number.

Once you have the phone number, you can use that to do a reverse search to find their name by phone number. Many online directories will show you a name for the number if it is a landline. If you are dealing with a cellular number, you will only get the general area that the call came from – country, state and city.

Sometimes you can find out who the cell phone service is with, but other than that, you are not going to find out much more information for free. If you want to get all of the details including being able to find name by phone number, you will have to conduct a paid search. Much of the details that you will be provided with in a paid search will give you the true identity of the caller.

Many people believe that they should have access to all that information for free, but the truth is that this information is fairly confidential. Cell companies do not routinely list their information publicly; however, they will sell it to paid directories. Most of the time the information provided to cell providers is safe and secure, but it can be made available through a paid search.

The reason that you can find a name by phone number through a reverse search is because it costs a fee. The information is up to date and collected regularly from fresh sources, and can be your sneaky secret tool to find out recent information about that number that keeps phoning.

It can be unnerving to have a number calling you all of the time that is not identified, but the truth is that you can fight back by finding out all of the information associated with the number. At that point, you will be armed with information which should make you feel empowered.

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