The Jupiter Science Foundation (JSF) is an educational, non-profit institution aimed at expanding our knowledge and appreciation of the solar system and the Earth’s place in it. With a special focus on the planet Jupiter and its relation to the solar system, we aim to inform students of every age about the fascinating universe we live in and are a part of. Pursuing greater and new knowledge can help us better understand how we ought to treat our world. The Foundation aims for the following:

Provide an opportunity for scientists and other disciplines related to the study of the cosmos to come together and produce new and innovative research concepts for generations to come.

Share discoveries by educating students and communities worldwide.

The Foundation has in its best interest the scientific community’s continuous pursuit for what lies beyond. As such, we need to rely on the financial aid and social mobility of our partners worldwide in bettering every opportunity to reach out to communities and educational institutions.


Space sciences must continue to remain relevant in contemporary society. The Foundation looks at the importance of better-informed citizens that capacitate research on the unknown and support any initiative or study that would better our understanding of the universe. We also intend to make this knowledge accessible to the public.


One key aspect of JSF that should never be taken for granted is that our organization inspires minds to take up the cause for a better future and knowledge-formation. New scientists come from all sorts of places. It is up to those who have come before to instill in the young the knowledge they need to comprehend the universe and equip students of different levels with the proper methodological tools for research through various initiatives in educating and inspiring them.